Server Guide


This section details installation of the server side components using the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS packages provided by Sana. The Sana packages will install any prerequisite software on the server. Sana does not provide support for installation of server components on other linux distributions. If you are interested in doing so, please consult the Manual Install page for a complete list of prerequisites and instructions.

Package Installation procedure

  1. Log in to a terminal on your server
  2. Add the Sana package repository to the list of sources using

     sudoedit /etc/apt/sources

    and insert the following line

     deb sana/
  3. Install the Sana packages with

     sudo apt-get install sana-mds
  4. Follow the prompts to configure the Sana middleware, MDS
  5. Open a web browser to your host-e.g. https://localhost/openmrs to initialize and configure OpenMRS.