Sana User and Technical Documentation


The Sana technology platform includes an extensive set of healthcare tools for the collection, transmission, storage, and analysis of medical data. When fully installed and configured, the tools provide an end-to-end system connecting remote healthcare workers to physicians, and managing medical data.

Platform Overview


Key Features of the platform include:

  • Multi-user mobile client with programmable workflow that provides decision support, directs remote workers in the collection of data, connection between workers and physicians, and integrates with point of care applications and devices.
  • Middleware which provides a secure communication layer for secure, optimized transmission over poor or intermittent networks and allows for connection to a broad range of data storage and web applications.
  • Host based data storage in a relational database along with web applications for accessing and managing data.
  • Ready to deploy packages.


The documentation is broken up into to guides, one targeted at end users of the platform, including both mobile and server administration, and one targeted at developers.

Keeping the documentation up-to-date is ongoing process. If you notice any typo’s or errors,  please contact us at


Sana is released under an open source license. Please see the LICENSE for the full text.