Mobile User Guide

This document describes installation, configuration, and usage of the Sana Mobile Client for end users.

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The general requirements for running the Sana mobile app.

  1. One or more Android based smartphones with Android version 2.1 or later.
  2. Internet access for smartphone(s) - WiFi or cellular data plan
  3. Ubuntu 14.04LTS server with a 1 GHz or faster processor and at least 1 GB ram.

Mobile Client

There are two basic methods for installing the mobile client on an Android based phone. Both require the following:

  1. Android based device with Android version 2.1 or later</li>
  2. Device configured to allow installation of applications from unknown sources. This option is available by navigating to Settings → Applications

This method only requires the mobile device you wish to install the application on and an internet connection, either mobile or WiFi.

  1. Open a web browser on the mobile device.
  2. Enter the url of a copy of the mobile application. For example:```

    You should be provided the url by an administrator or others who provide support for your deployment if you are not a developer and did not compile the client directly.

    Note: If you have difficulty installing using this method and are certain the url to the application is correct, you may want to consider using an alternative browser. The Dolphin web browser available through the Google Play store is free of charge and known to work well when using this installation method.

Alternative Method

This method will require connecting the device to a PC with a USB cord and possibly an internet connection.

  1. Download or copy the application to your PC.
  2. Connect the mobile device to the PC using a USB cord.
  3. Copy the application to your mobile device.
  4. Open a file browser on the mobile device and locate the copied file.
  5. Press on the .apk file and you will be prompted to install.